Polyester Filter Bag

Polyester Filter Bag

STASIUN FILTER INDONESIA memiliki produk Polyester Filter Bag yang berkualitas sangat baik dan kehadirannya sebagai solusi pengganti spare part industrial water treatment oil and gas power plant

Industrial standard polypropylene (PPSG) and polyester (PESG) none-woven micron felt bag filters.

Single side glazed to prevent loose fiber migration. Graded pore depth filter media type.

No reinforcing insert.

Basic martrix configuration are designed upon more than 30 kinds of fiber. It is key different from those air filtration felt which made from about 3 – 5kinds fiber.

Spesifikasi Bag Filter

Material Bag : Polyester

Micron Size : 1 – 125 micron

UkuranBag : size #5 #3 #2 #1

Ring : Sentinel PE , Snap Ring

Filter Bag Features

  • High-quality polyester and polypropylene felt media
  • Silicone free felt media for paint and automotive applications
  • Felt media outer surface treatment to prevent loose fibres and downstream migration
  • Standard polypropylene and polyester felt from FDA compliant resins for use in food grade applications
  • Fully welded/thermally bonded seams on standard bags for bypass-free filtration
  • Retainer collar seal from chemically resistant FDA-compliant polypropylene resin for a four-point positive seal
  • Polyester retainer collar seal ring is durable for higher temperatures

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